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"A star on the rise!"

Dr. Rick Warren, Black Music Association

   "The Princess of Las Vegas"
   DJ Mike Louie

"...definitely going to be right up your alley... if you do enjoy the work of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, Jay Cole or A Tribe Called Quest, ..."

Peter Vidani, thebandcampdiaries

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Every now and then, an artist emerges like a beacon of light, proudly proclaiming his or her uniqueness and the potential for sparking a musical revolution with songs that are pleasing to the ears of today's Pop, Hip Hop and Urban fans everywhere that will wet your appetite for more.

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Hailing from and born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the 14th of November, this young passionate independent and highly energetic  recording artist enjoys herself when entertaining. Her unique style is sure to appease any music lover with a hunger for something new.

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Hope is a Billboard and iTunes charting artist with her single “Try Me” on The Lightshow Compilation, which peaked at #4 on the iTunes Top 40 Pop Albums Chart and at #23 on the Billboard Chart. 

She is a singer-songwriter, rapper, and dancer who is born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. She is an 18 time Independent Music Award winner. Most recently including the Vegas Urban Pride Award for Hottest Singer (2020), an eight-time Black Music Award winner for Best Live Performer Female (2019), Inspiration Award Honoree (2019), Image Award Honoree (2015), Best Pop Artist (2015, 2014, 2013), Rising Star (2013), and Best Young R&B (2012) and was named Star To Watch by the Black Music Association and Academy of America. Hope is also a four-time PowerHouse Radio Music Award winner for Best Female Vocalist (2015), Video Of The Year - Came To Party (2015), Rising Star Of The Year (2014), and Recognition For Your Support (2014). Other awards include the Desert Hollywood Honor Award (2016), Mike Luie Award (2016), City Of Las Vegas Certificate of Recognition (2018 and 2017), and Certificate from the U.S. House of Representatives (2018).


Hope has appeared on several live TV interviews such as Channel 8 News NOW for her performance at the NBA Summer League (2019) and Channel 13 Morning Blend for her Henderson Recreation Center Tour which included performing at Whitney Ranch Recreation Center, Silver Springs Recreation Center, Black Mountain Recreation Center, and the Multigenerational Center (2019) as apart of the Be Kind Movement. Also included is an appearance on The CW Network for Zaina Juliette and Friends (2019), BIBO Weekly based in Chicago on the Hot Noize TV Channel on Roku (2019), Fox 5 Las Vegas with a non-profit organization Common Tree (2017), Fox 5 with Bully Busters 702 an anti-bullying organization (2013), and My LVTV for The Will Edwards Show (2013). 


Hope's Mission:

  • to inspire the human spirit through music, melodies, lyrics, and memorable entertaining performances.



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The latest from the recording artist “Hope” showcases her gift for catchy energetic songs.


(DailyMusicRole Editorial):- Las Vegas, Mar 27, 2020 ( – Having several categories of Independent Music Awards, television appearances, and interviews, combined with numerous radio interviews and hundreds of live performances with some of them on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, the city where she was born and raised, this recording artist known as Hope is releasing her debut album titled “Show Me” after years of releasing only singles.


“Since 2012, this young and multi-talented artist has not taken a break from her passion for recording songs and her commitment of continuous energetic performances” stated Lynn Lumpkin, Vice President of JaHMa “as she continues her journey of success in the music industry and life.” She added. 

Hope is getting ready to release her new single (Level Up) which is an energetic and inspiring single from the album next month. The song is regarding how she has broken through the barriers that have held her as a prisoner among the shadows behind her.


To find out more about the artist and her music, visit any of the following links:  Website: –


About  Hope

Hope is an independent recording artist with a unique Pop/Urban/Hip Hop sound that music lovers can look forward to.

Media Contact
Lynn Lumpkin
702 203-4959



Source :JaHMa

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Try Me Cover-1.jpg
Hope - I was wrong official cover.png
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For any inquiries or booking, please contact Lynn Lumpkin at 702 203-4959 or email or fill out the form below.

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2020        Mater Academy

2-March   Las Vegas, Nevada


2021        Unity LV

6-November   Las Vegas, Nevada

2021        First Friday

5-November   Las Vegas, Nevada 

2021        Tuesday Blend

2-November   Las Vegas, Nevada 

2021        Valley View Recreation Center

25-May   Henderson, Nevada 

2021        Multigenerational Center 

24-May   Henderson, Nevada 

2021        Music and Talk Show Performance 

27-February   Las Vegas, Nevada

2021        American Eagle on the Strip 

13-February   Las Vegas, Nevada


2019       Vegas Urban Pride Charity
20-Oct    Basketball Game
               Henderson, Nevada 

2019       Chapman Dodge Christmas
27-Dec   Toy Drive
               Las Vegas, Nevada 


2019       Henderson Stroll N Roll
16-Nov   Henderson, Nevada 


2019       Black Las Vegas Food

27-Oct    Festival 
               Las Vegas, Nevada 


2019       Featured Artist Open
23-Oct    at the Spike
               Las Vegas, Nevada 


2019       Club 172 – Rio Casino
17-Sept   Henderson, Nevada 


2019       Boulevard Mall
17-Aug   Bully Busters 702
               Las Vegas, NV


2019       Bring Em Hope Rec Tour
9-Aug     Henderson, Nevada


2019       Bring Em Hope Rec Tour
8-Aug     Henderson, Nevada 


2019       Bring Em Hope Rec Tour
7-Aug     Henderson, Nevada 


2019       Bring Em Hope Rec Tour
6-Aug     Henderson, Nevada 


2019       Andre Agassi Clubhouse
02-Aug   Ballin For Peace
               Las Vegas, NV


2019       Legends, Queen G Live
27-July   Experience
               Las Vegas, NV

2019       Artisan, Flow Your Awesome
10-July   Las Vegas, NV


2019       Cox Pavillion
09-July   NBA Summer League
               Halftime Show


2019       The Linq
07-July   Summer League Pool Party
               Las Vegas, NV


2019       BET Teen Experience
22-June  Los Angeles, CA


2019       Haufbrau
19-May   Bozeman, MT


2019       Hip Hop Culture Fest
04-May   Pearson Community Center
               North Las Vegas, NV


2019       RC Event Club
03-May   All Female Showcase
               Las Vegas, NV


​2019       Career Day, Dorris Reed
10-April  Elementary 
               Las Vegas, NV 


​2019       Culture Night, Bailey Elementary 
05-April   Las Vegas, NV


2019       3rd ReBar,
03-April  Las Vegas, NV


2019      Goldspike
27-Mar   Las Vegas, NV


2019      UNLV Lit Side Spring Finale
27- Mar  Las Vegas, NV  


2019      Goldspike
27-Mar   Las Vegas, NV


2019      UNLV Lit Side Spring Finale
27- Mar  Las Vegas, NV 


2019       Saturdaze feature, Iconic   
23- Mar   Entertainment 
               Las Vegas, NV  


2019       Huck Daniels Reunion Show,
20 -Mar  Stratosphere
               Las Vegas, NV 


2019       Career Day, Bailey

13-Mar    Elementary 
               Las Vegas, NV  


2019       Greater Youth Sports

08-Mar    Awards Night,
               Las Vegas, NV 


​2019       Ladies Powerhouse Eclipse
26-Feb    Theaters 
               Las Vegas, NV


2019       Las Vegas Got Talent
23-Feb    Showcase
               Las Vegas, NV


2019       Heart & Soul Festival,
23-Feb    Henderson, NV


2019       Slapperz Show Downtown LV
16-Feb    Las Vegas, NV


2019       City Vibes, Bunkhouse
23- Jan   Las Vegas, NV  


2019       Private Birthday Party
20 -Jan   Mesa, AZ


2014          Jamming Jerk Hut
3-Jan         Las Vegas, NV


2014          Powerhouse Radio Music

7-Feb         Awards
                  Las Vegas, NV


2014         Bully Buster Rally
14-Feb      Las Vegas, NV


2014         Showgirlz Halftime Show
1-Mar        Las Vegas, NV


2014         Bob Price Recreation Center

3-Mar        4th  Anniversary
                 Las Vegas, NV


2014         Bob Price Rec Center
3-Mar       Commissioners      
                 Basketball Game
                 Las Vegas, NV


2014         Showgirlz Halftime Show
8-Mar       Las Vegas, NV


2014         Becker Middle School

28 Mar      Assembly
                 Las Vegas, N


2014         March It Up Talent Concert
29-Mar     Hollywood Celebrity
                 Hollywood, CA


2014         Young Concert Series
2-Apr        Las Vegas, NV


2014         Bully Buster Coloring Book

11-Apr      Signing
                 Las Vegas, NV


2014         Showgirlz Halftime Show
12-Apr      Las Vegas, NV


2014         JaHMa Presents @
18-Apr      Scientology Celebrity Theater       
                 Las Vegas, NV 

2014         Bully Buster Coloring Book

23-Apr      Signing
                 Las Vegas, NV


2014         Bully Buster Coloring Book

25-Apr      Signing  
                 Las Vegas, NV


2014         Showgirlz Halftime Show
26 Apr      Las Vegas, NV


2014         JaHMa Presents - Feel The
16-May     Heat Showcase
                 Las Vegas, NV


2014         Bully Busters 702
30-May     Las Vegas, NV


2014         Showgirlz Halftime Show
31-May     Las Vegas, NV


2014         Young Concert Series
30-May     Las Vegas, NV


2014          Shine Bright Like A

6-June       Diamond
                  Las Vegas, NV


2014          Bully Buster Fund Raiser
20-June     Las Vegas, NV


2014          National Night Out
5-Aug        Las Vegas, NV


2014          Lowman Elementary School
5-Sept       Bully Busters 702
                  Las Vegas, NV


2014          Rock N Soul Awards
7-Sept       Las Vegas, NV


2014          Sante Fe Veteran's Day

11-Nov      Show
                  Las Vegas, NV


2014          Cashman Car Show
16-Nov      Las Vegas, NV


2014          Middle School Dance

26-Nov      Bob Price
                  Recreation Center
                  Las Vegas, NV


2014          Winterfest
13-Dec      Henderson, NV

2014          Bully Busters 702

19-Dec      Christmas Show
                  Las Vegas, NV


2014          R-U-It Beauty Pageant
20-Dec      Las Vegas, NV


2018       AZ Hip Hop Fest in 
10-Nov   Phoenix. AZ

2018       Open for Kirko Bangz
19-Oct    Casa Grande, AZ 

2018       Embassy Nightclub 
7-Sept     Las Vegas, NV


2018        Juicy Beets with

26-Aug    FVYDID
                Las Vegas, NV


2018        Artisan with FVYDID
25-Aug    Las Vegas, NV


2018        Back Home from Tour
9- Aug     Las Vegas, NV  


2018       Iconic
4- Aug    Las Vegas, NV  


2018       West Coast Heat Tour
26 -July   Redding, CA

2018       West Coast Heat Tour
24-July   Sacramento, CA 

2018       West Coast Heat Tour
22-July    Los Angeles 


2018       West Coast Heat Tour
21-July   Indio, CA


2018       West Coast Heat Tour
20-July   Phoenix, AZ


2018       West Coast Heat Tour
19-July   Las Vegas, NV


2018       Nerd Bar
14- July  Las Vegas, NV


2018       West Coast Heat Tour
13- July  Phoenix AZ


2018       West Coast Heat Tour
12-July   Panorama CA


2018       West Coast Heat Tour
11-July   Panorama CA

2018       The Urban Lounge
10-July   Las Vegas, NV


2018       Stateside Lounge
30-June  Las Vegas, NV


2018        West Coast Heat Tour
27 June   Panorama CA 


2018        Art Xchange at Halo
7 June     Las Vegas, NV

2018        XPOZ Battle Of The   
                Bands/Hard Rock
10-Mar     Las Vegas, NV

2018        CMXX Las Vegas

14-Feb     Fashion Week
                Las Vegas, NV

2018        Bailey Elementary

13-Feb    Career Day
                Las Vegas, NV

2018        Beauty Bar
11-Feb     Las Vegas, NV


2017       Beauty Bar
30-Dec   Las Vegas, NV


2017       Black Las Vegas Food

04-Nov    Festival
               Las Vegas, NV


2017       Black Las Vegas Food

28-Oct    Festival
               Las Vegas, NV

2017       Safe Halloween Event
25-Oct    North Las Vegas, NV


2017       Vegas Show Time

13-Oct    Plug In
               Las Vegas, NV


2017       Black Music Awards
08-Oct    Las Vegas, NV


2017       National Night Out
03-Oct    North Las Vegas, NV

2017       Wet Fest (Craig Ranch

01-Oct    Park )
               North Las Vegas, NV

2017       The Slykat Show

09-Sept  (Backstage Bar)
               Las Vegas, NV

2017       Positively Arts
20-Aug   Foundation
               Las Vegas, NV


2017       Bully Busters 702
04-Aug   (Flamingo Library)
               Las Vegas, NV


2017       Common Tree Charity
11-June  Event

               Las Vegas, NV

2017       Bully Busters 702 
06-April  Las Vegas, NV


2017       Club X Teen

27-Feb    (Flip N Out Xtreme)
                Las Vegas, NV

2017        Takeover Sundays

12-Feb     (Town Square)
                Las Vegas, NV


2013       All About Girlz In Sports
23-Feb    North Las Vegas, NV


2013       Taste Of Sound & Soul Las Vegas
23-Feb    Las Vegas, NV


2013       PACE School Tour
9-Mar     Los Angeles, CA


2013       Flashy Friday
22-Mar   Las Vegas, NV


2013       Bully Busters 702 TriRecta
29-Mar   North Las Vegas, NV


2013       PACE School Tour
3-Apr      Los Angeles, CA


2013       Hope Spin/Bully Busters Rec
               Center Tour
26-Apr    Las Vegas, NV


29-Jun    Sacramento, CA


2013       TEEN POOL PARTY
12-Jul     Las Vegas, NV


2013       Showcase @ Scientology Celebrity
16-Aug   Las Vegas, NV


2013       ARTIST ON THE RISE 702
17-Aug   Las Vegas, NV


24-Aug   Woodland Hills, CA


2013       BMikeRob Presents Safe

31-Oct    Halloween
               Las Vegas, NV


2012         Hartland Mansion
1-Jun        Las Vegas, NV


2012         Halftime Show Of Las Vegas
7-Jul         Stallions
                 Las Vegas, NV


2012         Bully Busters 702
20-Jul       Las Vegas, NV


2012         Urban & Pop Artist Showcase
21-Jul       Los Angeles, CA


2012         National Night Out
7-Aug       North Las Vegas, NV


2012         Back To School Giveaway &
18-Aug     Health Fair
                 Los Angeles, CA


2012         Indie Independence Festival

25-Aug     (Boys & Girls Club)
                 Las Vegas, NV


2012         Independent Artist Auditions
29-Sept     Scientology
                 Hollywood, CA


2012         KCEP 40th Anniversary
6-Oct        Block Party
                 Las Vegas, NV


2012         Las Vegas Hip Hop Awards
12-Oct      Las Vegas, NV

2012         Hope Spin Rec Center Tour -
17-Oct      Walnut Rec Center
                 Las Vegas, NV


2012         Taste Of Soul L.A.
20-Oct      Los Angeles, CA


2012         Asian Food Festival
21-Oct      Las Vegas, NV


2012         Fall Festival Triggs

25-Oct      Elementary School
                 North Las Vegas, NV


2012         Blaze The Stage
27-Oct     Hollywood, CA


2012         2012 Safe - North Las Vegas

31-Oct      Police Department
                 North Las Vegas, NV


2012         Hope Spin Rec Center Tour
7-Nov       Bob Price Center
                 Las Vegas, NV

2012         6th Annual Diamonds In The

11-Dec      Desert Cheerleaders
                 North Las Vegas, NV


2012         Hope Spin Rec Center Tour
18-Dec     Las Vegas, NV


2016       The Turn Up, BET Weekend
25-June   Beverly Hills, CA

2016        Wet N' Wild Water Park
24-June   Las Vegas, NV

2016        Dazzle In The Attic   
10-June   Las Vegas, NV


2016        Club Nokia
06-June   North Las Vegas, NV

2016        Juneteenth Celebration
04-June   Tracy, CA


2016        Lend A Hand (For Veterans)
27-May    Las Vegas, NV


2016        Fashion Show at Foxtail (SLS)
17-May    Las Vegas, NV

2016       Dazzle In The Attic
13-May   Las Vegas, NV


2016       Vegas Vibes Sayers  (SLS)
27-Apr    Las Vegas, NV

2016       Vegas Vibes Sayers (SLS)
30-Apr    Las Vegas, NV


2016        Urban Street Jam
26-Mar    Anaheim, CA


2016        Life Cube Project
19-Mar    Las Vegas, NV


2016        Dazzle In The Attic
11-Mar    Las Vegas, NV

2016        Dazzle  In The Attic
12-Feb     Las Vegas, NV


2015        Digi World Seduction Lounge
15-Dec    Las Vegas, NV


2015        Hollywood Open Mic
5-Nov      Hollywood, CA


2015        Streetlow Magazine Car Show
7-Nov      Las Vegas, NV


2015        Nevada Day Showcase
31-Oct     Las Vegas, NV


2015        Halloween Safe Night
28-Oct     North Las Vegas, NV


2015        Hollywood Hoops Basketball
27-Oct     Fundraiser
                Las Vegas, NV


2015        Beauty In – Beauty Out (BIBO
19-Sept    Awards)
                Las Vegas, NV


2015        Black Music Awards
13-Sept    Las Vegas, NV


2015        Dazzle In The Attic
11-Sept    Las Vegas, NV


2015       Councilman Ricki Barlow’s
22-Aug   Back To School Fair
               Las Vegas, NV


2015       815 LA Festival Celebration
14-Aug   40 Years of Korean Independence
               Las Vegas, NV


2015       Dazzle In The Attic
14-Aug   Las Vegas, NV


2015       National Night Out
04-Aug   Las Vegas, NV


2015       B Mike Rob Venice Beach
26-July   Summer Classic
               Venice Beach, CA


2015       Kids Splash Pool Party
15-July   Parisian Palace
               Las Vegas, NV


2015       Dazzle In The Attic
15-July   Las Vegas, NV


2015       Dazzle In The Attic
08-July   Las Vegas, NV


2015       Doll In The Attic (First Friday)
03-July   Las Vegas, NV


2015       Keylee’s Home Going

02-July   Fundraiser
               Las Vegas, NV


2015       Dazzle IN The Attic
01-July   Las Vegas, NV


2015       Dazzle In The Attic
24-June  Las Vegas, NV


2015       XMB Pool Party and Swimsuit
20-June  Fashion Show
               Las Vegas, NV


2015       Dazzle In The Attic
17-June  Las Vegas, NV


2015       TAAA 21st Annual Juneteenth
06-June  Celebration
               Las Vegas, NV


2015       Military Appreciation Month
23-May   Celebration
               Las Vegas, NV


2015       Hollywood Hoops Celebrity
02-May   Las Vegas, NV


2015       Becker Middle School Straight "A"
13-Apr    Assembly
               Las Vegas, NV


2015       Powerhouse Music Awards
27-Mar    Las Vegas, NV


2015       Bully Busters 702 Matt Kelly
13-Mar   Elementary School
               Las Vegas, NV


2015       Urban Street Jam
28-Feb    Anaheim, CA


2015       Martin Luther King Tribute Show  
15-Jan    Silverton Casino
               Las Vegas, NV


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